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BARBERELLI is a nature and wildlife photographer, a humanitarian, and an author of many self-published books. She has also written as a freelance writer for  Nite-Writer's International Literary Arts Journal, among others. She is also a former stand-up comedian who has performed at clubs such as Hilarities, Connxtions, the Improv, Madhatters, and Funnybone.  Currently Barberelli is working on several projects, playing board games with her family, and baking lots of chocolate chip cookies!  Currently in hiatus and not looking to be contacted at this time.

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My photography is inspired by the natural beauty and simplicity of nature.  View varieties of wildlife, farm animals, birds, flowers, sunsets, trees, and relaxing landscapes. You'll also find classic cars, dolls, and whatever else I decide to take pictures of! It's all about fun and enjoying life. Portraits include gifts of photographic, framed, metal or canvas  prints. Also greeting cards, throw pillows, tote bags, posters, and postcards are available for purchase. Enjoy checking it out!   

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 Barberelli_Studio ~ Featuring Nature and Wildlife.

 ErniesShop ~ Featuring Silliness and Party Items.

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To purchase any of the books on this website in bulk for your bookstore, library, or gift shop, please contact the publisher online at: www.createspace.com/info/createspacedirect or write to: CreateSpace, 7290 Investment Drive, Suite B, North Charleston, SC 29418, USA.

Joke Books available at Amazon by Barberelli for Kids.

 Disgraceful Humans is a book that contains 3 stories based on truth and experience living within  today's society and the "modern" world.  Not for the squeamish. Available online around the web and at Amazon.

Love and Inspiration: Nature Photos with inspirational messages and love now available at Amazon.

Messages of Love to My Daughter: Poetic sentiment along with flower photographs now available at Amazon.

What's For Lunch?: A fun and cute photo book for children of all ages! now available at Amazon.

Rescuing Henrietta: A cute little story of humanity and friendship now available at Amazon.